Advanced Virtual Selling (AVS)

B2B Sales Has Changed Forever

The time has come for full adoption of virtual selling. Due to the geographical decentralization of key decision makers, advancements in video technology, social responsibility initiatives to reduce carbon footprint, and now COVID-19 social distancing practices, B2B sales has changed to embrace virtual selling.

Advanced Virtual Selling addresses best practices for prospecting, business case development and closing through digital platforms. At the end of this class you will have the knowledge and tools to fully conduct and close sales cycles virtually. 


Adversity is the Birthplace of New Opportunity

This class is designed to get your stales team prepared to sell in the new environment and win marketshare from your competitors. Get ready to embrace virtual selling today. 


Setting up Your Virtual Office

Most sales teams aren't equipped to begin selling. We'll teach you everything you need to know to set up your virtual office for looking professional in front of your customer. 


Virtual Prospecting

Who we contact, the ways we contact them, and the messaging communicated will change when selling in a virtual environment. Learn the best practices and tools for generating leads virtually by gaining the attention of your targeted decision-makers and converting them to real opportunities or closed sales.


Developing the Business Case & Technical Requirements Virtually

Gathering the decision-making team and understanding the business objectives driving their purchase has traditionally been an activity requiring face-to-face interactions. Your team will learn how to conduct an assessment digitally for understanding the business requirements driving the purchase and capturing the technical alignment of the solution. 


Closing Virtually

Presenting your proposal and asking for the close virtually has become a necessary component for conducting business remotely. Learn how to move the sales to close and handle negotiations through digital platforms. 


Virtual Account Management

Major account management for increase total lifetime value of an account is a key growth driver for any business. Learn how to utilize digital platforms and technology for upselling, cross-selling, and re-selling to key accounts. 


The quicker that B2B organizations embrace virtual selling, the better chance they have for sustaining and generating new revenue in their marketplace. Let's discuss when would be a good time for you and what specific performance objectives you'd like to see out of your team.