Enroll your team in Worldleaders Sales training to:

  • Better position your offerings with the right-level decision makers
  • Co-develop stronger business cases for budget justification
  • Construct business focused proposals and aligning the right technical solutions
  • Present & close sales more successfully and timely
  • Expand key accounts by improving cross-selling and upselling capabilities

Online Training Available

All classes can be delivered at the
Worldleaders training facility, on-site, or online.


You will learn how organization’s make decisions, how to position yourself to decision makers, how to build a business case, and how to ask for the close.

You will learn a world-class prospecting model that teaches you how to generate targeted leads through multiple different channels.

You will learn how to develop business cases based the customer's business objectives & lead the customer's evaluation process.

You will learn how to develop effective proposals, how to ask for the close, and how to handle objections around stall, price, and competition.

You will learn the leads tactics for upselling, cross-selling, and reselling more products and services to existing customers.

You will learn how to direct daily sales activity, coach, manage under-performance, and conduct strategic process planning.

All classes are developed and facilitated by experienced (in the field) B2B technology sales professionals, demonstrated by a track record of outstanding sales and sales management success.