Salespeople Evaluations

Evaluate your salespeople to determine their strengths and top areas of improvement. 


This assessment is the #1 sales skills evaluator that identifies a candidate or team members individual selling skills, strengths, and development.


Evaluating Your Sales Team With 96% Statistical Accuracy


Sales Skills

This assessment allows you to understand how deeply your rep's sales skills have progressed throughout their career. With attribute analysis at each point of the sales cycle (ex: hunting, farming, closing, etc.) you can determine the best role for your salesperson. 


Sales Strengths

There's more that goes into a successful salesperson than just selling skills. The salesperson assessment allows you to understand the associated personal strengths of a rep that affects their ability to execute (supportive buy-cycle, handles rejection, comfortability discussing money, etc.)


Sales Development

Skills and strengths are important, but what about their future potential. Our assessment evaluates your rep or candidate's desire to sell, tendancy to listen to coaching, and commitment to moving a sale forward. 


Getting Started

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These assessment are designed for evaluating salespeople. Are you interested in auditing and assessing the sales process that your organization has in place? If so, check out the Marketing and Sales Process Benchmark Assessment