Sales and Marketing Recruitment Process Outsourcing



We aren't your average recruiters.

Our recruiting is not contingent or retained recruiting because what you get when you outsource your sales recruiting function is so much more than an individual hire.

You will receive a proven method that you can replicate, a dedicated full time team, transparency of all that is happening daily, and a pipeline of qualified candidates that match your targeting criteria and are interested in leaving where they are currently successfully employed to come to work for you.

By having Worldleaders recruit for you, your search is your search

You are free to hire as many of the candidates in your pipeline as you’d like!


How It Works

Based on your organization’s goals, we help determine the type of roles that you need to accomplish the objectives and the type of people that are realistic to recruit and are best suited for those roles. We’ll help you get your parameters in-place up front to reduce the risk of unfulfilled expectations of your sales team later.

PlanningPlanning Your Organization and Position Needs


Targeting Your Ideal Marketing or Salesperson

Not all salespeople are created equal. Our teams will come together to determine high-probability criteria for finding your right-fit salespeople. We will procure a list of companies where ideal candidates are likely working, in industries that are the same or similar to yours, and in geographies where you need your team to be. We will proactively recruit these relevant salespeople for your organization.


This will make all the difference. Once we know who would be a good fit for your company, it’s time to reach out and attract them to your organization. This process starts on LinkedIn and involves multiple touchpoints and interactive steps designed to make candidates want to work for you!

AttractingAttracting salespeople to work for you


AssessingAssessing a salesperson's skills, experience, and accomplishments

Interested candidates will be evaluated for fit through an online application portal that includes a mix of text and video responses, discussions with our teams, and predictive testing as applicable. Questions can be customized to screen for exact skills, experience, and accomplishments that fit your specific role. All interview summaries, assessments, supporting artifacts, and video responses are available for you to review in real-time.


Everything we are doing with all prospective and active candidates is 100% transparent to you. All screened candidates are viewable in the online portal (pipeline) and you can see who is in process, who is disqualified, and who is recommended for you to interview. You are free to interview and hire as many of these candidates as you’d like at no additional charge! This really comes in handy and is increasingly cost effective when you love 2-3 of the recommended candidates and want to bring them all on.

DeliveringDelivering a pipeline of qualified candidates



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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want to use RPO?

The main reason B2B technology companies choose to seek recruitment process outsourcing is so that their sales leaders and HR people can focus on their core competencies (hiring technical staff, managing employees, winning more business, etc.) instead of struggling to find, attract, and effectively evaluate qualified salespeople.

Customers choose us because we are marketing & sales specific and have a track-record of finding qualified salespeople for them and have worked in the roles we hire for. Typically, when we engage with a client, they explain that their historical applicant pools have been filled with unemployed salespeople or workers from different industries. Our targeting will be specific to successful salespeople who’ve attained similar KPI’s, selling similar products/services to similar targeted prospects, to reduce the risk of a poor hire.


What results can I expect?

By working with us, you can expect to reduce your hire cycle-time and hire salespeople that are ready to meet quota within 90 days. You can expect to fill your positions quickly as our average search time is 3.1 weeks to build a qualified pipeline and typically delivers 3-6 highly qualified and interested candidates. 85% of our clients have hired 1 – 3 people in under 5 weeks. These results ultimately equate to a competitive advantage for building sales teams and making them profitable faster than the competition.


Wait, your model’s not by the hire?

Correct. Our model differs from contingent and retained models as we are a true outsourced services model that conducts specific search and attraction campaigns for your open positions with a dedicated full-time effort for the duration of your projects. Rather than delivering a person with a price tag attached, we deliver a vetted pipeline of people you can hire. As our services-based payment is weekly for the search services rather than by a fee-per individual-hire, you are free to turn the stop the search at anytime you'd like and hire as many of the people in your pipeline as you want for no additional charge.