Sales Management and Coaching Training Course

There's a lot of sales training out there for individual reps... but what about the sales leaders? You have the responsibility of ensuring that your team meets quota and continues to develop. We've developed this certification program for you that teaches the essentials of coaching and sales leadership within your organization. 


Sales Management/Leadership Class Contents

Sales Leadership Philosophies

Your sales leadership will learn the philosophies behind how the best coaches lead their teams. These philosophies will improve individual rep accountability, learning and development, outlook & culture, and sales manager growth. 

Sales Coaching

What is the proper coaching and when should we provide it? Your leaders will learn effective coaching tactics around pre-call planning, on-call support, and post-call debriefing. 

Conversational Debriefing

Sales training happens in the classroom to sharpen skills. But true salesperson development occurs after key interactions during conversation debriefing. You will learn the four questions to ask your sales reps post-conversation to ensure that they develop and have better performance the next time around. 

Daily Planning

You will learn top-tiered daily planning for marketing and sales to ensure that your team is meeting daily milestones and annual goals. You will also learn how to translate these activities into pipeline management and effective forecasting. 

Sales Tools and Templates

You will learn Worldleaders' sales tools and resources for repeatable improvement in each step of the sales cycle. 


Who Should Attend?

VP of Sales, Director of Sales, Sales Managers, CEO, prospective sales leaders.