Prospecting and Lead Generation Course

Generating qualified leads in one of the top initiatives of organizational leaders today. This training class will teach your sales and marketing team how to survey for the interest or need of a executive-level decision-maker across a multiple communications channels. 

If your organization has the objective of increasing your brand & offering awareness, better positioning yourself to your target market, and conducting action-oriented conversations that will convert them to an initial appointment; this class is for you. 


Prospecting and Lead Generation Class Contents

Targeting the Real Decision-Maker

The number one problem with most prospecting activity today is that it is conducted on the wrong person within the prospective organization. Your team will learn exactly who (based on job title, functionality, etc.) they should be developing their sales and marketing campaigns for. We find that over 90% of sales teams are targeting the wrong stakeholders and can immediately improve their effectiveness after taking this class.

Utilizing An Effective Message

Once you've identified the right targeted stakeholder - what is the foundational message that you reach out to them with? We've seen that organizations have about 5 seconds or less to capture the interest and survival instinct of their targeted customer in a campaign. This class will help your team develop their initial messaging to a prospect for increased attention acquisition and conversion probability. 

Using a Multi-Channel Marketing Program

On average, it takes about 20-36 touches to gain the attention of a prospect and convert them to a sale. In modern B2B selling, your organization needs a multi-channel approach for exposing your brand and messaging to identified stakeholders across multiple platforms. Your team will learn which channels they should be leveraging and how to properly promote themselves to your targeted market.

Contacting a Prospect

Once a prospect is aware of your team and organization, how do they reach out to survey for interest/need on improving a business outcome? This class will teach what that initial 1-to-1 reach out should look like to convert them to a business case development conversation. 


Who Should Attend?

All team members responsible for developing new opportunities including sales leaders, marketers, sales, and inside sales.

Attendees will create actionable daily prospecting plans to effectively target new customers & generate new leads. This is a progressive system and should be attended by prospectors interested in implementing a world-class hunting system.


Lead Generation Applied - Smart Prospecting

Interested in learning more about prospecting and lead generation? Chapter 4 of the Smart Sales Method titled "Smart Prospecting" will show you how organizations are implementing lead generation programs and leveraging 1-1 reach outs.

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