Presenting and Closing Training Course

This class is designed to improve the #1 thing most organizations want more of: the closing ability of its salespeople. How much more revenue would your company bring in if your close rate increased by 5-10 percentage points? Our sales presentation and closing methods class is designed to help your organization win qualified deals up to 70% of the time. 

We teach your sales team how to move away from “quote and hope” and instead, “propose and close.” Unfortunately, this isn't just a play on words. Most salespeople email a proposal and hope that the customer either accepts it or wishes to follow up.


Closing Class Contents

Develop Business-Driven Proposals

Learn exactly what to include and prioritize in your Smart Proposal to keep the sale focused on the potential business impact of your solution. This will include: Client Business Objectives, Alternate Strategies Considered, Solutions Overview, Price & Terms, Uniquely Qualified, and Corporate Overview. Your team will learn how to assess and highlight these elements in their proposal to make it direct and actionable. 

Facilitate Bi-Directional Sales Presentations

Ever wonder how to immediately field objections and negotiations during the proposal presentation? This class will teach you how to present your proposal and capture incoming requirements on the spot. You will also learn how to assemble the necessary decision-makers and how to address each one of them within the presentation and proposal. 

Ask for the Close

Some ask for the close, but most don't feel comfortable doing so. You will learn how to establish relative value within the proposal and presentation that will make asking for the close and handling negotiations feel natural. 


Who Should Attend?

All sales team members participating in presentation and closing activities including CEOs, sales leaders, outside sales, inside sales, sales engineers, and account managers.


Presenting and Closing Applied - Smart Proposal

Interested in learning more about effective proposals and presentations? Chapter 6 of the Smart Sales Method titled "Smart Proposals" will show you how top proposals are created and where they fit within the modern sales cycle. 


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