Online Sales Training & Monitoring Platform

The WorldTeam Online Training & Monitoring Platform is the #1 sales management tool for continuously training your sales team and tracking their performance. 

A Worldleaders Online Training lessonTraining

Update and Upgrade your sales team's most vital processes and skills around 1) Prospecting for New Business 2) Business Case Development 3) Presenting & Closing and 4) Sales Coaching & Debriefing. These units have been crafted from the processes outlined in the Smart Sales Method and are influenced by in-person training classes that we host. 


Online Training Completion Objectives

By the end of the training, your team will have the knowledge to find a new qualified prospect, build a case for why they should buy from your rather than your competitor, write an effective proposal, and close the sale. This training cirriculum is an end-end solution for finding and winning new business. 

Training is self-paced and 24/7 accessible from the training library. At the end of the units, your team will be prompted to complete 13 scenario questions designed to make them utilize selling models taught throughout the training courses. These selling models can and should be directly applied to current selling situations for maximized performance. 



In one-click, you will be able to monitor your sales force's activity and performance through the live monitoring system. Through the monitoring component, you will be able to:

  • Track the Number/Frequency of calls, emails, meetings
  • Hear exactly what your sales force is saying to your customers
  • Understand what your sales team is doing right
  • Identify where your sales team can improve
  • Leverage automated grading and feedback
Online Training Course Units

You will have the insights, recording, and metrics for making the most informed decisions about your sales team. 


Online Platform Walkthrough

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