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What's one of the biggest challenges of improving sales and marketing? Most organizations don't know how the sales/marketing side of their company operates. They can tell you who is on the marketing and sales team, but cannot describe the operational plan they use. 

Without a clear understanding of today’s strategy and procedures, you cannot begin optimizing for tomorrow. Eliminate uncertainty in the evaluation of your sales organization by using the Marketing and Sales Process Benchmark Assessment.


The Online Sales Assessment that Truly Evaluates Your Processes


Most sales assessments look at one thing, and one thing only – the skills of an individual representative. While these assessments certainly have their utility (namely in candidate evaluation and onboarding) they do not address an organization’s primary need: direction on how to make their marketing and sales processes parallel with best-in-class practices. The Marketing and Sales Process Assessment Benchmark compares your marketing & sales program against the top 1% of organizations and provides you with insight on how to become the best. 


Evaluate Process at Each Step of the Sales Cycle


  • Market and Stakeholder Identification
  • Marketing and Sales Messaging
  • Marketing/Lead Generation Practices
  • Prospecting Process
  • Solution Alignment Process
  • Purchase Justification Creation
  • Presenting and Closing Process
  • Objection Handling and Negotiations
  • Account Management Procedures
  • Pipeline Management & Procedures



How It Works

Each member of your sales, marketing, and executive team is administered a link to the online assessment. The assessment prompts them to answer questions about the company's process pertaining to the categories above.

Sales and Marketing Process Assessment Survey

Sales and Marketing Process Assessment Report

You will receive a report outlining your organization’s strength at each process point and an overview of what top organizations are doing today for each step of the sales cycle.



Getting Started

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