Workshop: Managing Sales Teams through Times of Uncertainty


COVID-19 and its implications on the business environment have created an uncertain landscape amongst many businesses and sales teams. Frankly, organizations cannot afford to freeze and lose prospects / sales cycles during this time. 

This workshop is designed to get your team maximizing every selling opportunity and to recognize that adversity is the birth of opportunity. While countless businesses are shutting down and waiting out the storm, the goal of this workshop will be to get your team leading your customers to reaching their objectives and capturing marketshare for your organization. 


CEOs, President, and other organizational leaders will receive coaching for managing through times of uncertainty in the following areas. 



Crisis Management & Team Planning

During crisis, your customers need direction from your sales team, and your sales team needs direction from you. Crisis management and daily goal settings deals with the day-by-day leadership and strategic positioning to keep your customers stable and your sales team productive.


Selling Virtually

Selling virtually has become the new norm and will continue to be the premier way sales cycles are conducted even after this crisis is over. You will learn how to direct your team towards virtual selling best practices & will receive toolset and process recommendations for implementing virtual selling quickly and affordably. 


Managing Team & Market Uncertainty

Just as there is uncertainty amongst your team, there will be uncertainty on the customer's end. Learn how to direct your corporate to ultimately inspire confidence and action amongst your team and within the marketplace. You will learn to think through the organizational-level strategy for preventing stalled demand and for becoming viewed as a necessary part of your customer's business model. 


Workflow Evaluations for New Business Development

In times of uncertainty, businesses are constantly evaluating their workflows, systems, and supply chain around three key areas: customer acquisition & retention, service & product delivery, and financial management & re-investment. You will learn how to make timely decisions for internal/external operational changes to better penetrate the marketplace and exploit new business opportunities. 


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*Looking for a modified version of this workshop designed to help salespeople with their day-to-day uncertainty management? Check out Managing Deals through Uncertainty.