Workshop: Managing Deals through Uncertainty



Managing Deals through Uncertainty is a workshop designed to help salespeople guide their customers through the business environment created by COVID-19. This workshop is a modification of our leading workshop - Managing Sales Teams through Times of Uncertainty and is targeted towards sales executives & account managers (as opposed to company leadership). 


This workshop is designed to help salespeople reach their quota and gain market share for their organization during times of uncertainty through these 4 objective areas:



Uncertain Situations & Outreach Planning

In times like these, your customers and prospects need your direction & input more than ever. They have business objectives that need to be met on both ends of their supply chain & are looking for real solutions. Crisis management & daily goal setting will teach you how to strategically position your offerings to your target market and how to develop your outreach cadence and schedule. 


Conducting Sales Cycles Virtually

To win more than other competing reps, you'll need to be able to sell virtually. We'll teach you the right tool set and selling process needed to gain the attention of your target market, convert them to a virtual needs assessment, present your solution, close the sale, and manage the account. 


Managing Customer Uncertainty

As you may have noticed, your customer's behavior is drastically different due to uncertainty within their business and in their business environment. You will learn a high-level communication methodology for reengaging a business conversation and a methodology for preventing key deals from becoming stalled due to expense lockdowns and timeline delays. 


Exploiting Accounts for New Business

In these times, tradition and loyalty within business provider selection is at an all-time low. Organization are surveying their providers, staff, and operations daily to reach the best outcome for the business. You will learn how to access executive stakeholders with urgent business objectives to assess if a positive change could be made to their business. 


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