Frequently Asked Questions


Our best clients are B2B technology organizations that sell a complex product or service within a highly competitive marketplace. They typically have between 3-20 direct competitors, don't have the lowest price, and don't have the most brand recognition. 

All in all, they have a competitive product/service but don't feel as though they've won their fair share of the potential market. 


Within one first year after implementation, our typical customers see the following results:

30-45% increase in overall sales
Increase to +70% closing rate
Reduction in sales cycle time by 3-6 months


We begin by reviewing and improving your day-to-day sales management and day-to-day sales process that is either in place or non-existent. We are looking to see if your organization is targeting the right market (geographies, industries, size, and right decision maker), using the right opening/positioning message, and applying the right sales and marketing methods.

In almost all cases, we are going to improve the sales methodology/process used by the organization as described in The Smart Sales Method. 

Once your organization is using the top 1% sales methodology for finding and closing new business - we look to put the right talent in the right seats. Through our recruiting, we help to fill unfilled and under-performing position with proven sales and marketing talent. 

Our next approach is to provide a sequence of training in the areas of: Advanced Consultative Selling, Prospecting, Business Case Development, Presenting and Closing, Major Account Penetration, & Sales Management.

Lastly, we engage you on the WorldTeam Online Leaning and Monitoring Platform to ensure the right sales development is taking place and to monitor your sales reps' engagement with the customer to hear & see what's working and what areas need to be improved. 


It all start with a quick audit of your marketing & sales procedures and / or online valuation of your salespeople. Findings of this determine the steps needed to improve methods, talent &/or skills.


We enable growth-oriented CEOs and Sales Leaders of medium-sized B2B technology companies to build stronger sales & marketing teams for better penetrating new markets and winning more sales.

By implementing our Smart Sales Methodology your sales & marketing team will systemically target the right-fit clients, work with their actual decision makers, provide a conclusive business case for purchase justification, present flawlessly and close sales more successfully.

The Smart Sales Method was developed over a 27 year span of progressive growth in B2B technology sales by its principal authors Joe Morone and Karen Benjamin. It is the only sales methodology specifically for B2B technology sales teams that provides clearly guided steps for managing the entire sales cycle.

No other B2B technology sales methodology has been more extensively tested, researched or proven to be as effective.


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