Conversational Strength

Whether you’re a CEO, sales leader, salesperson, operational leader or in customer service, your Conversational Strength is a vital factor in your ability to be heard.

Have you ever noticed that some communicators are listened to, admired, and followed? And others fail to make an impression, or worse, get stuck in tiresome debates? 

As you and your team evolve to bigger & higher-stake conversations, you are challenged to develop more Conversational Strength.


But what is Conversational Strength? How do we know if we have it or not?

Put simply, it’s the ability to lead through influence. The ability to engage in conversation and provide useful input for bettering a situation.


How do you measure it?

Very simply, if in every conversation you’re in, the participants are better off as a result of talking with you, then you have the beginnings for Conversational Strength.

Examples of more strength? The ability to lead a client to improving their business or operational competitiveness. And more, the ability to save a loved one’s life by expertly guiding them in the right direction. We can go on and on.


Daily you are in situations where you are required to be more assertive without being offensive. You must be receptive and still hold your ground. You need to develop connections but cannot become hindered by them. And in certain circumstances, you need to be directive without creating fear or hostility.


And all of this could occur in a single conversation.

I’m describing the common skill that is the top strength of the top 1% of salespeople, business executives, spiritual advisors, family leaders, songwriters, and just about anyone dedicated to the betterment of others.         

Developing your Conversational Strength is just like developing your physical strength. The stronger you become, the more challenging situations you can lead.

Like in the physical strength example, it takes time and repetitions to increase your Conversational Strength.

The graphic below depicts the 4 components of Conversational Strength. Development is twofold. The first is your ability to apply the strengths and the second is in your ability to know when and how to adjust.


Conversational Strength - Worldleaders Sales


How do I know if my team can benefit from improving our Conversational Strength? Here are just a few areas that Conversational Strength impacts:

⇒ Your marketing team’s writing & descriptions of your offerings to better connect to your clients’ desired end state

⇒ Your salespeople become more assertive, making better recommendations and closing more sales.

Customer service problems disappear. You attract and retain more clients.

⇒ The voice of your leaders is heard and respected by their team


We apply a variety of top-rated and globally recognized tools, assessments, and methodologies specific to each unique situation to develop an individual's or team’s Conversational Strength.

Let’s get together, discuss your specific goals and work through a customized plan to get you there.