Consultative Selling Program


The program for transforming your sales team into consultants that can lead your customers to sustainable victory. Turn your salesforce into respected advisors that CXO's and Business Unit Leaders want to talk with.


The best salespeople aren't salespeople, they are top-level consultants. Rather than focusing on the product they are representing, consultative salespeople turn their attention to the market leaders and how they can help them improve their business outcomes and mitigate their potential risks. 


Consult-First Approach

Think about a doctor - a good doctor doesn't just learn the specifications of a given prescription and then attempt to match it to an incoming patient. Instead, a good doctor fully evaluates the health and wellness of a patient, researches what a healthy patient should be like, and then helps them get to their highest and best state through personalized recommendations and diagnosis-specific treatment. Consultative selling is about letting go of supplier-based perspectives on how to engage with a client, and is about committing to the research, advisory, and communication of what the customer can do differently to win more and have a healthier organization. 

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[Further Consultative Selling Industry Content






Further Consultative Selling Industry Content]


Anticipated Benefits of Using a Consultative Selling Model

(Sample, Copied from Richardson)

  • Drive increased revenue by improving close rations for new customers and expanding business with existing customers 
  • Create competitive advantage by building a sales culture that is tightly aligned to market needs and drives business performance through buyer focused dialogues 
  • Create new and larger opportunities by surfacing unrecognized needs 
  • Shorten sales cycle length by driving momentum and building buyer confidence to commit 


Consultative Selling Program Overview


Part 1 Prepping for Transformation

This self-paced pre-requisite will help you and your sales team to better grasp the Why behind consultative-selling and will introduce you to the business-case and philosophical approach our program follows for increasing the effectiveness of your consultative selling. This is the perfect evaluation material for determining if Consultative Selling could be a good fit for your organization. 

Download Pre-Requisite Materials Free

(SSM, Business-Case Video, Encourager E-book)


Part 2 Customized Workshop Attendance

Your sales team will attend a company, industry, and technology specific workshop designed to introduce the entire consultative selling model and it's predicated best-practices. Attendees will participate in facilitated group discussions, practice using live & simulated situations, and teaching back new methods to the learning team base on the following Program Learning Objectives:


  • Navigating through the complexities of corporate organizational decision making; and to develop your sales team credibility to lead and facilitate the entire evaluation & selection process instead of being subjected to it.
  • Differentiate your offerings by focusing on improving your clients’ competitive or operational advantage instead of having to explain why you are better than your competition.
  • Gain access to the right level decision makers (business, user, and procurement) and engage them into the evaluation and selection process.
  • Co-develop (with the real decision makers) accurate and compelling business cases for ensuring rightful purchase justification.
  • Close sales effectively and manage the most common negotiations in terms of timing delays, requested price concessions and competitive comparisons.
  • Focusing on Intellectual Encouragement instead of pain, product or price.


Part 3 Learning Sustainment Platform

The Worldleaders learning platform is an online library of consultative-selling related training material designed to reinforce retention and further applicable education in the key process components of selling consultatively. Training modules are centered around consultative-selling best practices across all parts of the sales cycle providing comprehensive guidance to your team at any time. The modules are available are as follows:

  • Prospecting - Prospecting and New Business Acquisition Training. Your team will learn the most effective techniques and philosophies for generating new business opportunities in a consultative, welcomed approach. 
  • Business Case Development Business Case Development Training for consultative questioning and prospect qualification. Learn how to capture the business and technical requirements needed for strategically building a winning proposal.
  • Presenting & Closing Effective Presentations and Closing Training. Learn how write a winning proposal, present your solution, ask for the close, and handle negotiations through an approach that esptablishes you as a helpful advisor to the customer organization.


Part 4 Worldleaders Proactive Guidance & Research Platform

Your sales team will have access to our research platform that hosts a variety of our research summary videos and specific situation/obstacle guidance videos. This platform is designed to follow top trends in B2B selling and deliver timely and relevant ideas for improving your overall team's overall sale effectiveness. 

New research & guidance videos are recorded and sent 3x/month to your sales team and are available at any time. 


Part 5 Live Coaching and Pursuit Support

Perhaps one of the most valuable pieces of the Consultative Selling Program, our Live Coaching and Pursuit Support component enables you and your sales team to draw upon one of the most credible B2B Technology salesmen and speakers - Joe Morone, during real-time selling situations.


Consultative Selling Support from Joe Morone


Joe is committed to providing strategic guidance on key deals, fractional sales management, and opportunity review sessions for maximizing your team organization's consultative brand image and win potential. 


Today's purchasing environment is complicated and competitive. To grow, your sales team must become industry-level consultants that are able to provide helpful recommendations and guidance for how their customer firms can improve their business processes and results. 

Our Consultative Selling Program is designed to transform your sales team into consultants that can lead your customers to sustainable victory. 

Transform Your Sales Team