Business Case Development Class Overview

In the business case development class you will learn how to assess the customer's ability and potential business impact of implementing your solution. To do so, you will perform a needs assessment to understand what objectives they are attempting to accomplish and where they are in their development today. In short, this class will teach you how to conduct a thorough business and technical analysis designed to capture impactful information used in the proposal and closing areas of the sales cycle.   

Specifically, you will learn what questions to ask in order to assess: business impact, risk/disruption, solutions previously considered, technical feasibility, constraints, priorities, and budget justification. 

By taking this class, you will take control of the customer evaluation process and lead it the way this it should be lead. 


Business Case Development Applied - Smart Fit-Assessment

Interested in learning more about business case development? Chapter 5 of the Smart Sales Method titled "Smart Fit-Assessments" will show you how business case development fits within the modern B2B sales cycle today and the impacts of conducting it. 


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