The Truth About Sales Recruiting

This video and blog will walk you through the Truth About Sales Recruiting. Make sure you understand what to expect prior to contacting a sales recruiter. Click the video below to get started!


The Truth About Sales Recruiting video

B2B Sales Recruiter Myths

Throughout the years, we’ve seen many miscommunications between what an organization expects of a sales recruiter and what recruiters can actually deliver. Organizations choose to use executive search companies because they can present them with the top talent within a given industry, geography, or position. While recruiters can often perform top talent searches for your company – there are a few myths about what else a recruiter can do.

Myth 1: They Can Find You THE Sales Superstar

A sales recruiter can deliver a superstar that will single-handedly outperform all of my competitors’ salespeople. Think they can give you the cold call machine, the hard-nosed closer, and the rep with the golden list of contacts?… no. A recruiter cannot deliver you this mythical sales executive because that person does not exist.

Set your expectations correctly – a recruiter should be able to deliver you somebody that has a track record of consistently meeting quota while selling a similar product/service as yours – to similar types of organizations and decision makers.

Myth 2: A Recruiter Can Hire a Salesperson for You

It is a recruiters job to help you define the specifications of the person you need. They will then perform initial contacts to candidates to introduce your organization, survey that person for interest, assess their sales skills through various interview techniques, and recommend that you interview them.

It is not a sales recruiters job to get the candidate to accept the position. As your organization’s leader, it is your responsibility to get that individual to choose you over your competitor.

Myth 3: A Recruiter Can Guarantee Performance

This one may seem like common sense. One organization cannot forecast and guarantee a resource’s performance once it is under the leadership, culture, processes, and expectations of a different organization. However, this may be the #1 fallacy of recruiting agencies.

A recruiter can bring you a performer – but you must create an environment that enables performance.

B2B Sales Recruiting Truths

While the myths may have shocked you, the truth could surprise you even more. You must understand these truths about sales recruiting prior to contacting a recruitment agency.

Truth 1: Most Recruiting Companies are Reactive Recruiters

A reactive recruiter hounds the job boards to find the low hanging fruit. They may also look through the candidates that are reaching out to them and sending them their resumes. However, to get the top talent, the best performing 25% of your industry’s salespeople, you need a headhunter.

Headhunters will target the top candidates that are not looking for a job. The best headhunters focus on analyzing your competition and bringing your their sales and marketing people.

Truth 2: You Must Incorporate Science into Your Evaluations

Not all candidates are going to have the same skills and not all recruiters are going to be able to evaluate them. You need to make sure your candidates have the appropriate skill set for their role.

Third party evaluations can help you reduce the probability of a mis-hire. Using a third-party evaluation can also help you quickly on-board the candidate to get them selling within 30 days.

Truth 3: Being Process Driven Will Help Forecast Performance

Put sales processes and systems before recruiting and people. A recruiter may not be able to guarantee or warranty a candidate – but a complete marketing/sales process can reduce the risk.

Ensure that your sales team knows who they sell to, how they should sell, and how they should represent your company. You can find success with an average sales recruiter if you have a good sales process.