Strategic Talent Acquisition Program


“Organizations cannot grow when they have unfilled positions or underperforming people.”

This statement is truer today than ever before.

There is a +30% shortage of B2B technology salespeople and of the available salespeople, 74% don’t have the skills to find, qualify, and close new business. Therefore, the competition for good sales and marketing reps is very high and the ability to recruit top talent has become a way for organizations to become the leading player in their marketplace.

While recruiting deals with reaching out to select people & discussing a specific position, it’s only part of the equation. It misses the key element of hiring top talent: generating interest & desire from people that can build out and transform your entire team. For your organization to succeed in bringing in the best sales & marketing reps, you must have a strategic talent acquisition program built around it.

A strategic talent acquisition program is a programmatic approach to attracting high-level candidates, filling unfilled positions with top performers, and onboarding & developing new hires. Let’s look at the four major parts of the program.

The Strategic Talent Acquisition Program for Attracting Top Talent

Part 1: Articulation of Corporate Strategy

A strategic talent acquisition program communicates the organization’s corporate strategy & positioning in the market. It must address:

Purpose: What is the purpose of the organization? How is it stronger/greater/more relevant than the one the salespeople are currently working in?

Market Position: Where do you serve in the marketplace?  What do you provide and to whom? Where are we ranked and how are we perceived in the market?

Competitive Advantage: Why do people buy your product/service over your competitor? What allows us to compete?

Let’s look at an example:

“Worldleaders’ purpose is to improve small-medium sized organizations’ ability to compete at a global level.

We specialize in providing manufacturing & technology companies with marketing, sales, and recruiting advisory services & are perceived as highly capable of delivering to this market niche.  

We are the only marketing & sales advisory firm that has a proven step-by-step methodology for technology companies to win more sales.”

Can you see what we’re getting at here? It invites people to take part in our vision, not just the job spec.

Part 2: Organizational Structure AlignmentStrategic Talent Acquisition Program for Hiring the Best Salespeople

The second part of the program is communicating to a candidate how & where their role would fit within the organizational structure. It addresses that candidate’s responsibility, leadership, supporting staff, and culture.

By articulating your organization’s strategy & showcasing how the candidate will fit within the organizational structure – you now have a marketable job to begin recruiting for.

Part 3: Staffing and Recruiting

Take a look at the graphic on the right. Chances are most of your candidates come from sourcing your competitors and adjacent industries. By articulating the corporate strategy & where someone will fit in the organizational structure, candidates will now have a legitimate reason to leave where they are currently employed & succeeding and come work for you.

In addition to outbound sourcing, a strategic talent acquisition program also drives inbound applications from qualified applicants, the desire to advance within the organizational structure from current employees (we will get to this in part 4), candidate referrals from customers & employees, and interest in facilities with emerging candidates such as universities.

Part 4: Onboard (Quickly)

The final part of the talent acquisition program focuses on progressing talent once we’ve brought it in house.

In the first 30-60 days, the program has a plan for getting your new hire ready to represent your organization in the market through a combination of corporate knowledge transfer & marketing & sales skill gap closure. A good strategic talent acquisition program also focuses on continuously challenging and teaching the new hires so that they can move up through the organizational structure and become your company’s future leaders.

Pulling it Together

An organization’s success and survival are ultimately dependent upon its people and processes. To become a leading player in your marketplace, you need to have a Strategic Talent Acquisition Program for continuously attracting high-level candidates, filling unfilled positions, and progressing talent up through your organizational structure. To discuss if a Strategic Talent Acquisition Program would be a good fit for your organization, request a consultation with us.