Data in B2B Sales and Marketing


Since the beginning of sales and marketing, accurate and timely demand data has created the disparity between successful & smooth customer acquisition versus hopeless, anxiety-riddled pipelines. Even in our recent history only the industry giants were able to leverage data for marketing and sales purposes to the extent that it translated into complete market domination. However, the times have changed and we’re past that now. Thank goodness.

Heroes – and we’ll call them absolute heroes, have stepped up and dedicated their careers to making the chaotic playing field of customer acquisition a more ethical landscape where the true best fit provider has a fair shot at being selected by the customer in need. These heroes come in the form of ever evolving data vendors, competent cold prospecting-specific software, big data scraping and analysis packaged for the everyday business, and brave litigation teams combating years of crafty regulations and terms of use influenced by the market leaders to keep their addressable market within their grasp.

So, these heroes have created an opportunity for you to be the hero that your prospective customers need you to be. The biggest question is: how do you know who these top prospects are and how can you talk to them?


Data for B2B Technology Firms

Through strategic planning and implementation, intent data, technographic data, and firmographic data can enable your marketing and sales organization to better contact customers that need the solutions that you provide.



Starting from the top, intent data is categorization of aggregated search/activity data on a given company. In short, intent data can tell a sales team what specific organizations are currently & actively looking for products/services that you provide (through either keyword matching or topic categorization). Intent data is the most potent data available for interjecting your organization into sales cycles with high win probability. Like what the industry giants have been doing for years, it enables your organization to target companies that are actively looking for what you sell – not just targeting who you hypothesize could be looking.

For others, technographic data or a technographic/intent data matched hybrid is the key sourcing solution needed to propel their revenue forward. Technographic data contains key information on the technology stack a company is utilizing and how they are using that technology today. Think about how much more effective your initial targeting could be if you promoted your product to an audience that used X software or were failing to properly use Y component to generate a better result. Technographic data is the perfect solution for generating conversations with potential clients that are already using a given technology.

Finally, we have firmographic data which is just a fancy word for various performance and operational data points about an organization. When you need to target companies that are cutting X% of positions from a department or need key information on your prospective customers’ target market – firmographic data is your go to. While firmographic data will struggle to answer advanced segmentation questions such as “Which organizations are looking for outsourced IT services” or “What companies are currently using Oracle’s ERP system” it is the most widely accessible and cheapest form of targeting data on the market and is still a much more proactive approach than attempting to target a random end user that traded their email address for your whitepaper.


Understanding the Role Data Plays in Your Overall Revenue Generation

Though B2B sales/marketing data is one of the most important components of a 5-star sales process, there are still multiple other components needed to realize benchmarked levels of ROI from a data investment. Once you have your target data (The WHO of your campaign), what will you say to them? How will you say it? How will you stay in front of them? How will you manage the first conversation? How will you position yourself as the desired provider? How will you handle objections, stalling, and competition? How will you close the sale? How will you maintain the account? How will you manage that account for maximum total lifetime value?

These are all important questions when creating a successful campaign and sales strategy. Worldleaders specialized in helping B2B technology companies to integrate the key components of the Smart Sales Methodology as well as procure the right data, people, and outsourced sales management capabilities to win your fair share of the market.