The Modern Sales Problem

A Good Salesperson is Always Valued

I remember at a young age my father told me that secretly, deep down, everybody loves and envies a good salesperson. They need the courage to reach out and make connections that wouldn’t have happened if they weren’t there, they need the intelligence to diagnosis and guide their potential customers into making positive business decisions, and they need the drive to achieve their goals every quarter so their family, and their company employee’s families, can have a happy life.

While all salespeople are our unsung heroes, there’s a special type of salesperson that we hold commendation for. And those salespeople are the ones that go out and from scratch and bring in new business. The dedicated hunters.


A Good Prospector is Always Rare

If we look through our history as human beings, you’ll find that the modern-day hunter is very much a prospecting salesperson. They are tasked with being on the front lines to identify, track, and make contact with possible business opportunities that will cause their organization to grow. However, there has been a great extinction in the number of professionals and companies that are able to hunt successfully. The targets are now moving faster, the resources scarcer, and there are more hunters out there to compete with. From a time when every company had a handful of sales reps that could generate new business – we’ve now arrived at a time where the majority of companies don’t even have a single hunter they can rely on.

The strategy of hiring a salesperson or sales team and hoping that they will go out and win the market for you is no longer viable. So, organizations have offset this by focusing on their inbound approach - making the customers come to them. They spend 20k+ on a website, thousands of dollars each month on outsourced SEO providers, and few more thousand each month on digital ads designed to drive them to their website and/or capture the contact information for an inevitable drip campaign.

And for some companies, this works. If there is an established market that you compete in and it’s easy to predict your target’s needs and online activity, you’ll get the traffic you hope to. If you sell a commodity and find your profits through selling high volumes of in-demand products, you’ll get the sales you need. But if you’re like many of the B2B technology companies that come to us – this isn’t so simple, and these strategies haven’t always worked.

These companies are typically small-mid sized software or manufacturing organizations that have theorized that they can help a particular type of company improve some business function that will enable them to make or save more money, do things better or faster, or help them better meet compliance. But, there isn’t always a high search volume that corresponds to what they sell or a reliable way to generate inquiries from a prospect about a problem that they didn’t even know they had. They don’t all compete in a mature market where they aim to funnel demand towards their engineers and solutioning team. Many of these must go out and create their own demand.


What Came First - The Revenue or the Investment?

While using modern inbound marketing techniques certainly has its validity, most companies aren’t in a position to make a six-figure, 12-18 month investment in this alone. They need sales now to be able to fund that investment and feed their employees. So, they hire an entry level salesperson to hopefully create some short-term wins and look for the most minimal digital market investments possible. But it never quite materializes the way it’s supposed to. They never get the short-term wins from their sales team, and they never fully commit to the inbound marketing strategy to generate the traffic and conversion they need either.

So, this is the modern problem: you aren’t generating enough sales through inbound or outbound methodologies to continually reinvest in your business and realize the profits you desire. Whenever you look for a new solution, it seems that its a gamble in one way or another and you’ll likely be in the same situation you are today with less capital to invest and only vanity metrics and non-producing salespeople to show for it. Believe me, if this is you, we know how much of a hopeless and anxiety-driven cycle this feels like. Most mid-sized business owners are dealing with this problem in the back of their mind every day and don’t how to solve it.


The Solution: Automate Your Prospecting

While solutions to this problem are continuously being theorized and researched, we have developed our own inspired from watching countless companies forced to layoff their sales team during the COVID crisis.

We call it Automated Sales Prospecting and it draws on the Smart Prospecting methodology in chapter 4 of the Smart Sales Method. Essentially, this solution performs all of the dedicated prospecting processes (strategizing, targeting, connecting, and conversing) that the great hunters use without accruing their costs or human inefficiencies. Rather than putting your faith and budget in a new hire, a digital marketing program that hasn’t worked, or any other external resource -  Automated Sales Prospecting is the total campaign management and automation approach that starts real conversations with real decision makers of your target market for you. It’s time to cut out the middleman and automate your prospecting outreach so that you can have real leads driven directly to your inbox.

Visit our website – to learn more about our prospecting campaign management and automation solution for proactively finding, connecting, and conversing with the real decision makers of the companies that you want to be working with.