Virtual Selling - Is Your Team Ready?


Every sales leader and CEO across the world is asking themselves one simple question right now:


Does my team have what it takes to sell virtually?


This is not always an easy question to answer because most organizations lack the historical data necessary to make that judgement call & are operating on gut instinct. Luckily, there are 5 questions that you can ask yourself about each member of your team to determine if they are a) fully capable of overcoming new virtual selling challenges b) need training and coaching to successfully sell virtually or c) incapable of selling virtually.


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Question 1: Has this salesperson demonstrated a continual pattern of selling success previously?

Salespeople that lacked a successful selling process, essential sales skills, or motivation to serve their customer and meet their quota are unlikely to succeed with virtual selling. Your salespeople that have already proven to be driven and adaptive in selling are ready to take on the challenge of virtual selling.


Question 2: Does this salesperson have a track record of targeting the right client decision makers?

With geographical distancing and competing priorities, salespeople cannot expect the potential buying organization to assemble the right decision-making team to uncover the real buying case and progress the deal forward. If a salesperson lacks the ability or willingness to target higher level decision makers and reach yes/no disposition from them, they will likely be unable to start new sales cycles and progress existing ones forward. Salespeople that are committed to targeting on the real decision maker with a business-driven message will be highly efficient and will stand out in a virtual selling world.


Question 3: Can this salesperson sell consultatively?

Virtual selling favors those who are comfortable providing clients with benchmarks of how they should be operating/performing and ideas for improving their competitive advantages. In contrast, a salesperson who is overly reliant on relationship-based selling models will have a difficult time selling virtually as they do not position themselves as an essential resource to the success of the buying organization. Salespeople that teach and lead their customers into being market dominators will be valuable business resources to your clients.


Question 4: Is this salesperson technologically adept?

Historically, technical skills have not been a requirement for a salesperson’s success. However, in virtual selling it is critical. A salesperson must be able to utilize technology such as video conferencing, personal video creation, automated outreach, social media prospecting, digital presentation skills, and CRM operations. Salespeople that are able to leverage these technologies or are willing to learn will be ready for virtual selling.


Question 5: Do they have a positive attitude and showcase follow through?

Like anything, people tend to find success with things that they enjoy doing and things that they do consistently. Your managers will have a tougher time spectating their team’s interactions and the blame for failure will be easier to pass due to geographical gaps and attribution barriers. Therefore, you need to be able to trust that each salesperson will do everything that they can to best serve your customers and represent your company appropriately. Salespeople with consistent follow through and a good attitude will find success with virtual selling.


We certainly hope that all your salespeople are ready to sell virtually. Having a team that you can rely on to take advantage of virtual selling and serve your markets (globally) is an irreplaceable competitive advantage right now.


Virtual Selling Remediation: Strengthing Your Sales Team


If you ever feel that you sales team could use an update on the process, skills, and tools to use while selling virtually – we offer an advanced virtual selling program to prepare them for winning in a virtual environment.

And, if it’s time to replace or hire new salespeople, we can set up that conversation to get your team to where it needs to be.



Oh… one last thing,


Make sure to use the Salesperson Readiness Survey for New Virtual Selling Challenges to help you evaluate if you have the right team members in place for selling virtually within a highly competitive environment.


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