2019 Sales and Marketing CEO Conference Expectations

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The 2019 Sales and Marketing CEO Conference will be held on December 13th at the Penthouse at One East Ave. Below are interviews with the presenters on what we can expect to learn at the conference. 


1. Sales Positioning and Leadership 

Joe Morone - Sales and Vistage SpeakerWe will be kicking off with Joe Morone's presentation on leading your organization. "It all begins with positioning the organization. And that can mean a lot of different things: how it's positioned in the marketplace, how it's positioned to your internal staff, how staff to positions it in when talking to prospects / customers. We'll get into how CEOs and leaders position the organization externally and internally." - Joe Morone. Joe will also be addressing the other parts of high-performance leadership: developing a winning a culture and mentoring/coaching your staff. "There's often a disconnect between leadership and the sales and marketing side of organization, and this just can't be. Whether it works best to coach your individual salespeople or just your VP and directors, there has to be communication between the leader of the organization and those responsible for representing it in the market. We'll get into what that communication should look like."

2. Sales Tools and Processes

Carissa Gagliardi - Worldleaders SalesFollowing Joe's presentation, Carissa Gagliardi will be up next to talk about the necessary sales tools and processes that organization's use to win more business. "It's easy to think that the new sales hire is going to solve all of our problems. Leaders fall victim to that thought process all of the time. But just like any other part of business, processes and tools must come before people." - Carissa Gagliardi. Carissa and the rest of Worldleaders have developed tools and models that can be used at every step of the sales process to scale continuous growth throughout the organization. "We need a targeting/pre-engagement plan, a call plan, a follow-up agenda, proposal template, closing approach, account management plan, sales management agenda, all of that. We've spent a lot of time making actionable tools and I can't wait to introduce them to you!"

3. Allocation Toward Marketing

Joey Morone - Marketing Manager at WorldleadersAfter Carissa's presentation on sales tools, we will take a step back and have Joey Morone present on marketing and lead generation initiatives. "I know we started off with sales but now we can get to the real stuff: marketing," Joey Morone jokes, "but in all seriousness, we'll be looking at marketing and lead gen a little bit differently at this conference. You can go a million different directions with your marketing and have varying results. We'll focus on improving the effectiveness of your marketing by better targeting the real decision makers and by incorporating the CEO and other leaders' presence in marketing collateral and promotions. The CEO is also the CMO and SVP of sales combined into one person. We'll be talking about how they can better leverage their position to win more sales for their organization."

4. Hiring Good Salespeople

Karen Benjamin - Sales Recruiter and RPO at WorldleadersThe presentation part of the conference will finish off with Karen Benjamin's talk on building sales teams. "Competition for quality sales and marketing people that can add incremental revenue to your organization is at an all-time high right now" says Karen Benjamin. "Top organizations and brands are competing just to bring in feasible talent. If you aren't leveraging a sales and marketing talent acquisition strategy, you're going to waste a lot of time and forgo potential revenue because you will have a tough time attracting talent. At the end of the day, you determine the attractiveness of your organization, positions, and growth opportunities. I'll show you the leadership initiatives and tactics needed to make the tops sales and marketing people want to leave where they are and come work for you."


Following the presentation there will be plenty of time for networking. Attendees will include B2B technology and manufacturing organizations who have the objective of increasing their organization's competitiveness. Sponsoring organization's include Vistage, SBC, BNMA, NextCorps, MACNY, and St. John Fisher's Sales Program. Come join us!


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