5 Keys to Successful Sales Coaching


Even the most effective salespeople may not be performing to their fullest capabilities, which could impact your ability to convert leads and your sales goals. Sales coaching has the potential to get your sales team to take their performance to the next level.

Not all coaching is the same. When looking for a coach for your sales team, whether in-house or through an outside company, there are a few factors to look for to ensure you have a successful coaching experience.

1. Motivation

External motivation such as compensation and bonuses will only take your sales team so far. A quality sales coach will help each individual identify his or her main motivators and how to tap into it to improve performance. Coaching can also help provide outside motivation to sustain your team, especially during tough moments.

2. Advisement

Although at its core coaching is about bringing out the talents of others, sometimes more direct guidance is needed. Successful sales coaching toes the line between guidance and advisement, which may be based on the difficulty of the circumstance or the experience of the seller.

3. Goal Definition

The right goal can make a big difference in a person’s ability to reach it. Too high of a goal may lead to a lack of motivation to even attempt to fulfill it, while a small goal may not properly motivate a person to try hard.

A coach will help your team identify better goals. These are not only SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant/realistic, and time-based), but they should also speak to the individual and his or her purpose to increase focus and engagement.

4. Sales Skills Development

Sales coaching helps to show each salesperson the ways to improve his or her weaknesses and capitalize on strengths. Coaches can help identify a person’s potential and find the developmental gaps to create a plan to maximize one’s abilities.

5. Execution

It is not enough to have a plan on paper to reach sales goals and a person’s development potential; there must be changes in thought processes and behavior patterns to actually execute the plans.

An effective and successful sales coaching experience assists sales teams in creating the right habits to be more efficient and productive with their time so they can easily reach their goals, which in turn helps your company to reach the growth you want.

Looking to bring in a sales coach?
Sales coaching provides your sales team with invaluable opportunities to maximize performance and increase efficiency, which in turn positively impacts your bottom line. To make the most of your investment, make sure to work with an effective coach whose programs embody these five elements.

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