5 Essential Selling Skills for B2B


According to the Objective Management Group, “74% of all sales people have less than 20% of the skills required to sell competitively in today’s B2B marketplace.

Why don’t more salespeople have the selling skills needed to close more deals?

We’d like to propose that it’s because they’re focusing on the wrong selling skills.

  • They know how to make cold calls
  • They meet with prospects and set up product demonstrations
  • They have charisma and are very well-liked
  • They know the product offerings
  • They know how to negotiate price

These are all traditional-based approaches to selling – the “good ol’ boy approach” – that statistics tell us are no longer as effective as perhaps they once were.

We’d like to suggest 5 of the most essential selling skills for the B2B marketplace. We’ve seen 94% of B2B technology sales teams who implement these selling skills improve their sales results in less than half a year.

Selling Skill #1: Propose to the right people

To make a successful sale, a salesperson with the right selling skills knows they must reach top-level decision makers and stakeholders – executives, senior management, CEO, or anyone with the authority to buy.

Procurement is often mistaken as the starting-point of a sale, but Procurement doesn’t have the training or authority to evaluate new, innovative technologies – and doesn’t make buying decisions.

Selling Skill #2: Acknowledge and support business survival

Top-level sales reps know clients are most interested in helping their business survive despite stiff competition, economy fluctuations, new technology, and other obstacles – not how great the salesperson’s company is.

The sales rep has the skill to determine what may potentially hinder the client’s ability to support and grow his business, and how his solution may address the challenge.

Selling Skill #3: Teach clients how to improve their business results

Skilled sales reps know how to offer a competitive business advantage, such as how to:

  1. Earn more profit
  2. Save money
  3. Reduce operational cycle time
  4. Improve their product’s first-time quality
  5. Meet compliance

Selling Skill #4: Lead the client’s evaluation process

Many decision makers don’t have a formal process to assess new, technological ideas, so it’s up to the sales rep to lead them in the evaluation process. The sales rep determines if they have an objective, measurable, profitable business improvement for the client, and if so, knows how to prove it based on business facts.

Selling Skill #5: Close the sale on best-fit

Nothing happens until something is sold, and nothing is sold unless the sales rep has the skill to ask for and close the deal.

To close a sale, the sales rep aligns the client’s business objectives/constraints to his solution/capabilities, and then describes what the solution would like if put into action.

If the seller has all the right selling skills, the client must logically sign the dotted line, because the seller’s proposal makes the most business sense.

Start Training Your Sales Team

Does your sales team have the right selling skills? Are they winning more sales for your company?

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