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This year's CEO Conference is focused on helping CEOs, President, and company leaders of B2B technology companies to make their organizations more competitive in 2020 through their leadership, marketing and sales iniatives, and talent acquisition. 

There's a disconnect in marketing and sales directive for the executive and leadership level. The content that circulates 95% of business conference and blogs focuses on how marketing people, salespeople, and customer service reps can do their job better. But what about you? Have you found a reliable source of information and guidance that helps you decide how to position your organization to the market and to your organization? After all, as the CEO and leadership team it is ulimately your responsibility for how your company appears to the customer and amongst competitors. 

Or what about allocating your company's spend and your staff's time? We hire marketing directors to give us their best plan for developing and spending an advertising budget, but if those campaigns don't resonate with the real decision maker of your targeted company - doesn't that failure hang on the leadership team's shoulders?

How about the strength of your organization's outward-facing roster? As the chief representative of your company doesn't the strategy, execution, and performance of who your organization employs fall onto your list of responsibilities?

We feel for you, leading an organization is not easy. You may delegate tasks to departments, but the success and profit of the organization comes down to the processes, initiatives, and roster that you approve and prioritize. In terms of actionable advice, there's not as much out there for you as we'd like to believe. 

That's why this conference is going to focus specifically on providing you with guidance and action items for ensuring bottom-line profit for your organization. It will touch on:

  • How to better position your company to the market & your team, develop a high-performing culture, and provide marketing & sales coaching and leadership.
  • The marketing & sales methods and initiatives that should be taken at the company leadership level.
  • The strategy for attracting, hiring, on-boarding, and developing a team of top marketing & sales performers.


Please feel free to bring your leadership team and be prepared to meet and network with our company leaders that are in similar positions. 


Worldleaders 2019 CEO Conference Event Details

Date: Friday, December 13th, 2019

Location: The Penthouse at One East Avenue

1 East Avenue Rochester, New York 14604

Valet parking and breakfast will be provided. 

Sponsored by VistageSmall Business Council of Rochester, and NextCorps

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