Why Invest in Sales Management Training?


Why is sales training so hard?

In most cases, you’re asking your salesforce to completely change how they sell. For some, that goes against their very DNA. Un-learning sales tactics that don’t work anymore is far more challenging than starting with a blank slate. Even starting out green is no piece of cake.

But sales training can’t be ignored. As the CEO or top-level executive, you understand that you need top level sales talent to win your fair share of the market. The ROI of sales training – when it’s based on statistics and a proven methodology, that is – is so significant that you can’t afford to bypass this critical step to maintain and grow your company.

So where do you start?

Unfortunately, we find that many organizations start by training their salesforce.

At first, that may seem logical; after all, if you need a complete transformation in your company’s sales strategy, doesn’t it make sense to get everyone involved?

It’s true your entire sales force needs training, but we’ve seen more success in first focusing on training client-facing sales managers.

Why Train Sales Managers?

In many cases, sales managers already know how to sell – that’s how they became managers. We talked about this in our previous article, “How to Improve Sales Management Training.”

However, most sales managers need to be trained how to be sales reps who manage.

Training your sales managers first, before your individual sales reps, has several key advantages to your business.

  • It’s more cost-effective - The investment of time, budget, and effort into sales managers has a ripple effect. Each manager has several salespeople under him. If the sales manager’s methodology is correct, he can then influence how those under him sell.
  • It creates more effective salespeople - Salespeople are more effective when they have a healthy business relationship with their sales manager. The more effective the sales manager, the more effective the sales reps.
  • It yields better sales results - To offer ongoing results, salespeople need ongoing support. Sales management training isn’t complete once the sales reps enter the playing field. The sales manager is responsible for follow-up to make sure the sales people applied the correct methodology.
  • It helps maintain hire retention rates - Sales reps leave a position more often because of bad management than because of their compensation or the job itself. You can’t afford to lose your top talent due to bad management.

Sales Managers Should Know What To Expect

The sales manager should know what to expect for the sales training program so they can share with their reps how it will improve sales results. The sales manager’s opinion of the training program will have a significant effect on the salespeople under him.

If he or she is enthusiastic about the program, the sales reps will likely follow suit. Conversely, if he’s a naysayer of the program, the sales reps will likely think twice about putting in personal effort.

Sales Managers Should Know How To Coach

The sales manager is responsible for coaching their sales team through role-play, reinforcing behavioral changes, and empowering them to meet their sales quota and improve sales results.

Any training that the sales reps receive will have to be reinforced. Sales managers must be trained how to follow up and ask specific questions.

How did they manage their priorities?

What challenges did they face?

What went right and what could’ve gone better?

Sales coaching also includes preparing for sales calls beforehand, coaching them through the call to help manage difficult questions, and then discussing how the call went afterward.

We talk more about this in What is sales coaching and why is it important?

Sales Managers Should Provide Ongoing Training

The sales arena is always changing and conforming to the times. A sales training course will indeed help your sales team improve their selling tactics, but a one-time training event will not transform how they sell.

They need continual training.

And your sales manager should be responsible for it.

So Why Invest in Sales Management Training?
Sales management training is an investment into the success of your own company. Once your sales manager has championed managing, training, coaching, and supporting your sales reps, you will see your sales skyrocket.

But you have to take the first step.

If you’re interested in getting your sales managers enrolled in a statistically-supported sales management training course, contact us and we’d be happy to provide more information. During our conversation, we can talk about feasibility, potential business return, and if Worldleaders Sales Inc. is the right fit for your company.