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CEO Conference Concepts Debrief: Creating Demand in 2021

What are the biggest takeaways from the 2020 CEO Conference? Look no further. We'll give you a quick run-down!

CEO Conference Recording and Q&A's

On 12.17.2020 we held our CEO Conference for technology leaders that wanted to regain their ability to win marketshare in 2021 regardless of external conditions. Here is a copy of the recording and 5 select Q&A's. 

The Modern Sales Problem

There's a big sales problem out there. How do bring in more revenue if we don't have the income to invest in sales & marketing? This is one vicious cycle. 

Customer Meeting: Leading your Sales Team in Q3 & Q4

Worldleaders will be hosting a customer-only meeting on July 31st from 1:30 – 3:00 pm EST on Zoom.

Virtual Selling - Is Your Team Ready?

Is your team ready to sell virtually? These are the 5 questions CEOs are asking themselves about their sales team to predict their success with selling virtually. 

Winning Market Share in Uncertain Times

In times of uncertainty, most companies will falter while some prosper. Here's the realizations that companies that prosper implement into their marketing & sales. 

A Leader Asks "How to Improve my Sales Results"

This article will discuss the two primary ways to improve your organization’s sales performance, in the order that they should be addressed.

B2B Marketing Contact Database

This blog is an insight into the Joey Morone's CEO Conference talk on marketing process. This covers the foundation of that process: staking your claim by claiming your market data. 

2019 Sales and Marketing CEO Conference Expectations

Interviews with the presenters at the upcoming 2019 Sales and Marketing CEO Conference on what you can learn. 

Preview Marketing & Sales CEO Conference

A sneak peak at the 2019 Marketing & Sales CEO Conference that will be held on December 13th, 2019 at the Penthouse at One East Ave. 

Strategic Talent Acquisition Program

A strategic talent acquisition program is a programmatic approach to attracting high-level candidates, filling unfilled positions with top performers, and onboarding & developing new hires. Let’s look at the four major parts of the program.

Sales Coaching: Debriefing with Your Team

In this blog we are going to walk you through how to debrief with your sales team so that your organization can win more deals & so that you can be more effective with developing your people. 

Sales and Marketing Strategy: Market, Message, Method

This article is designed to address the 3 major components of sales and marketing strategy: who are we selling to? what are we saying to them? what series of actions do we take to close the sale?

The Smart Sales Proposal

Most sales proposals are all wrong. In fact, they are perfectly backwards. They’re all about the seller instead of the buyer. They get too technical too quickly, and above all, they miss the key buying reasons. Stop allowing your sales team to send these proposals and stop accepting low win rates.

Hiring Salespeople - Prospectors

We’ve spent a lot of time recruiting prospecting sales reps lately and are sharing a couple of key observations before you hire this type of salesperson.

The Truth About Sales Recruiting

Throughout the years, we’ve seen many miscommunications between what an organization expects of a sales recruiter and what recruiters can actually deliver. Organizations choose to use executive search companies because they can present them with the top talent within a given industry, geography, or position. While recruiters can often perform top talent searches for your company – there are a few myths about what else a recruiter can do.

B2B Consultative Selling Done the Smart Way

According to the Objective Management Group, 350,000 sales personnel across 200 business sectors only had 48 percent of the skill sets needed for consultative selling. To boost sales, your team needs a sales method that includes the best practices, techniques and skills listed below.

5 Keys to Successful Sales Coaching

Even the most effective salespeople may not be performing to their fullest capabilities, which could impact your ability to convert leads and your sales goals. Sales coaching has the potential to get your sales team to take their performance to the next level.

4 Ways to Navigate the B2B Sales Funnel Faster

Do you have three months to devote to making a single sale? That’s about how long it takes to progress through the typical B2B sales funnel. The average time elapsed from lead to opportunity is 84 days. It takes about another 18 days to convert opportunities to sales. That is 102 days from prospect to payday. So, how can you shorten that sales cycle?

Can Hiring a Sales Consulting Firm Improve My Sales?

Your company has great services or products. In an ideal world, they would sell themselves. But of course, there’s a lot of information competing for consumers’ eyeballs and time. That’s where salespeople come in. They reach prospects via multiple avenues and educate them on how your service or product will make their lives better. At least, that is what should happen.

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