Introducing the Future of Prospecting and Lead Generation


Automated Sales Prospecting

In 2020, we decided to help our customers increase their market penetration and lead generation a step further by fully automating all of their prospecting outreach. Now, you don't have to rely on your sales team to implent the prospecting and selling methodologies taught in our training class - you can ensure your organization follows the Smart Prospecting model consistently by using our total prospecting campaign management and automation solution for generating business conversations with the real decision makers of your target market at less than half the cost of a salesperson. 


How Automated Sales Prospecting Works

By engaging with you to build a validated corporate prospecting database of 1400 real and accurate executive-level decision makers each quarter, and creating a messaging & positioning sequence designed to gain the attention of your target market and educate them on the business objective or problem that you solve, and adminstering your advice and recommendations to them 20-30 times each quarter across Email, LinkedIn, Direct Mail, and Live Calls, you'll experience a prospecting approach that truly drives conversations with the people you need to be talking to. 


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