Advanced B2B Consultative Selling Certification Course


Enroll in our Public (online) class on 6/2/22 & 6/9/22 


Course Description:

Advanced B2B Consultative Selling (using the Encourager Model) is the most effective sales force development program available for quickly improving sales results for teams that sell complex offerings within a highly competitive marketplace. This program teach or re-teaches sales teams to better:

  • Navigate through the complexities of corporate organizational decision making, and develop your sales team's crediblity to lead and facilitate the entire evaluation & selection process instead of being subjected to it.
  • Differentiate your offerings by focusing on improving your clients' competitive or operational advantage instead of having to explain why you are better than your competition.
  • Gain access to the right level decision makers (business, user and procurement) and engage them into the evaluation and selection process.
  • Co-develop (with the real decision makers) accurate and compelling business cases for ensuring rightful purchase justification.
  • Close sales effectively and manage the most common negotiations in terms of timing delays, requested price concessions and competitive comparisons.
  • Focus on Intellectual Encouragement instead of pain, product or price. 


Learning Format:

Facilitated group discussions, practice in classroom simulation and ultimately teaching back to the learning team.  


Materials Provided: 

Prospecting/positioning templates, video scripts, business case development, proposal and negotiation tools. 


Who Should Attend:

We recommend that all client-facing positions attend. This includes CEOs, Sales Leadership, Sales Executives, Account Managers, Inside Sales, Sales/Solutions Engineering and Customer Services.


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