Advanced B2B Consultative Selling Certification Course


"Due to the evolving global circumstances, Worldleaders Inc. will be making significant changes to our training approach, including the upcoming Advanced B2B Consultative Selling training class on 7/9/20. B2B Selling, across all industries, has been permanently impacted by the recent international pandemic, and so we must adapt to these times.


Here is how the 7/9/20 training class will be changing:


  1. The class content will shift focus to “Advanced Virtual Selling” which addresses best practices for prospecting, business case development and closing through digital platforms. At the end of this class you will have the knowledge and tools to fully conduct a sales cycle virtually. We feel this curriculum shift will still cover the foundational elements of Advanced B2B Consultative Selling but emphasize virtual selling techniques, which have become increasingly applicable to current events and a permanent requirement of the modern salesperson going forward.


  1. The class will now be held virtually via Zoom videoconference for the safety and convenience of attendees. It’s quick, easy & free to download the Zoom application. This format will ensure the same level of interactivity as an in-person class. Here are some how-to resources to learn how to join a Zoom Meeting and operate screen sharing. We are happy to help with technical setup if needed. Class materials will be provided electronically.


  1. The class will be held across two interactive sessions. The first session will be Thursday 7/9/20 from 8:30AM–11:30AM. The second session will be Thursday 7/16/20 from 8:30AM–11:30AM. In case you cannot attend a session, each session will be recorded and sent to registered participants. Joe will provide regular breaks during the videoconference. 


Note that these changes may apply to all future Worldleaders training classes going forward. We understand these are significant modifications to our traditionally delivered in-person training, however we feel they are in the best interest of our learners. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.


We look forward to having you join us virtually on 7/9 & 7/16 for our upcoming class."


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Original Agenda

Advanced B2B Consultative Selling is the most effective sales training class available for quickly improving B2B technology sales results.

This skills develop class teaches a consultative selling approach designed to help sales professionals:


Understand organizational decision making: working with the real decision makers 

If left untrained, most sales representatives will target user-level decision makers that do not have the authority to purchase. This is essential for reducing sales cycle time. 


Competitive messaging: generating immediate client interest

What should your team say to a prospective account within the first minute of a conversation to gain their interest and position your organization? Improve new business acquisition success with competitive messaging. 


Developing the business case: creating purchase justification 

It's easy for a rep to think that the customer is just buying a product/service. In reality, they are buying a business outcome followed by a risk mitigation plan. Teach your team how to co-develop this with the client to improve win rates. 


Constructing winning proposals

Your team should be winning 70% of the time once the deals comes to the proposal stage. Learn exactly what to include and what to leave out in this training segment. 


Closing & negotiations: managing stalls, price objections, and competitive threats 

In B2B sales, your sales team will be met with these three types of negotiations on their way to the close. Learn how to conduct these according to relative value to maintain profit margins and forecasted closing dates. 


Daily planning & execution 

How should your team by spending their day to ensure long-term sales success for the organization? 


Pricing is $995/new attendee. Repeat attendees within one year of initial class & class auditors may attend at no cost per Worldleaders discretion. 


Who Should Attend?

This class is essential for everyone interested in immediately improving their sales results. This includes: CEOs, sales leaders, marketing, inside sales, sales engineers, customer service, and account managers.

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